Transformer dress OB7962 by Olivia Bottega Removable Skirt Wedding Dress | Mermaid Wedding Gown | Bridal Gown | Lace Wedding Gown


Take a dip into the exquisite beauty of mermaid gowns while also having a big and beautiful skirt for the ceremony with this “Transformer” by Olivia Bottega Removable Skirt Wedding Dress. With a flowing skirt that comes off and transforms into a mermaid dress cut, this lovely bridal gown makes an impressive statement of class with a super stylish design and romantic look. If you’ve been searching for a stunning lace gown, this bridal dress makes for a highly fashionable way to do it. When you wear this fantastic lace wedding, you will be saying “I do” in style with its lovely and unique design! Video: Beige color mermaid Beige color Video light ivory color Soft pink (Dress with changes) Wedding dress 2 in 1. Mermaid wedding dress and removable puffy skirt. We can: -change color. Most popular colors its light pink (blush), Light ivory, cappuccino. -make lace up or zipper and buttons. -add/cancel sleeves, make individual long. -add lower sequins tulle for skirt. (For gain glittering). Price +(30-60$) -add/cancel trail. Price for add trail +(20-60$) -add/cancel beading. Price add beading on corset +(35-50$). Skirt beading +(35-120$) -add/cancel crinoline for shape skirt. Price + (10-20$) Dresses with lace up corset SIZE: BUST: WAIS: HIPS: 2 / 72-80cm 57-62cm 82-85cm 4 / 78-85cm 61-66cm 84-89cm 6 / 85-93cm 64-69cm 89-95cm 8 / 88-94cm 68-74cm 95-97cm 10 / 92-97cm 72-76cm 98-100cm 12 / 96-100cm 76-80cm 100-102cm 14 / 98-104cm 78-84cm 102-106cm 16 / 102-108cm 83-88cm 106-110cm 18 / 107-112cm 88-94cm 110-116cm 20 / 112-118cm 92-98cm 116-120cm 22 / 118-124cm 97-105cm 120-128cm 24 / 122-128cm 104-110cm 128-132cm Dresses with zipper, buttons 2 / 74cm 59cm 83cm 4 / 80cm 62cm 86cm 6 / 84cm 66cm 90cm 8 / 88cm 70cm 94cm 10 / 92cm 74cm 98cm 12 / 96cm 78cm 102cm 14 / 100cm 82cm 106cm 16 / 104cm 86cm 110cm 18 / 110cm 92cm 116cm 20 / 116cm 98cm 122cm 22 / 122cm 104cm 128cm 24 / 128cm 110cm 134cm